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Fluid Catalytic CrackingWho knew the price of gas would triple in eight years? Wyoming pays the least for fuel and California pays probably the most – but the price of gas is going up all around the country. Among the reasons given for this are unstable world conditions, increased demand because China and India are becoming industrialized, OPEC chopping production, strict U.S. emission requirements, rising refinery prices, oil company mergers and taxes added to the cost of fuel for road upkeep. Although we should be oil-free and have a secure supply of power, lower than $1.13 per person per 12 months is spent on photo voltaic, wind and ethanol research – combined. If government doesn’t take action soon, I’ll be compelled to use a 4-letter phrase – stroll.

Since I may be doing quite a lot of walking, I’m considering sneakers. Who knew what was coming when Leon Leonwood Bean made a waterproof, hunting boot in his brother-in-law’s, Freeport, Maine basement in 1912. Leon despatched a mail-order brochure for his boot to all non-residents who had a Maine, hunting license. Unfortunately, ninety of the one hundred pairs which were ordered had been returned; however because Leon had guaranteed satisfaction, he redesigned his boot and the rest is history. L.L. Bean now sends out a hundred and fifty million catalogs a year and sells a whole bunch of products worldwide. Instead of a “hasbean Leon was a “shoepersuccess.

Who knew trying at the Apple logo might make you more inventive; however according to a study published in the Journal of Shopper Research, it does. Individuals shown Apple’s brand for 30 milliseconds behaved 20-30% extra creatively than those proven IBM’s emblem. IBM’s logo made people feel more competent and professional. It seems we unconsciously mimic the traits we affiliate with logos. This may imply an apple a day may keep each the doctor and doldrums away.

Lastly, who knew bottled water consumption would double between 1999 and 2004, reaching 41 billion gallons a 12 months. At 7 billion gallons, the U.S. is the largest shopper, followed by Mexico, China and Brazil. Sadly, most bottled water isn’t consumed at house, which means solely 12% of the bottles are recycled – as opposed to 30% of plastic, smooth drink bottles. The rest go into the trash or develop into litter. Because states that have bottle deposit laws recycle 4 out of 5 bottles, it may be time for a nationwide legislation. It could also be time for an concept that holds water.

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