What We Do

Operating across the clock, 365 days a yr, the Pascagoula Refinery processes 330,000 barrels*, or 13.9 million gallons of crude oil per day. *(A barrel equals 42 gallons.)

reboiler double-tube plateThe refinery’s primary merchandise are motor gasoline, jet gas and diesel gasoline. Different products include gasoline oils such as bunker fuel, Liquefied Petroleum Gasoline (LPG), aviation gasoline, petroleum coke and sulfur.

We additionally manufacture specialty merchandise that include paraxylene, a pure compound used as a feed stock in the textile and plastics industry; benzene, used within the manufacturing of a wide range of products including vehicle tires, sporting items, nylon and pharmaceuticals; and premium base oils, utilized in excessive performance lubricants, including motor oils for consumer and industrial use.

The Pascagoula Refinery’s manufacturing, storage and delivery facilities consist of 20 main refining process units, greater than 200 tanks (600 million gallons complete capability), and marine terminals. All Rights Reserved.

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