That is Why PARCO MEANS Company Vitality

PARCO is a fully integrated power firm and considered to be the leading participant in the business. It’s one in all the largest companies of the Pakistani corporate sector with an asset base approaching Rs. One hundred billion. As a joint venture between the Governments of Pakistan and Abu Dhabi, it is seen as a job mannequin of Pak-Arab enterprise co-operation and an ‘enlightened funding resolution’. PARCO is poised to additional consolidate its development and strategic provider function for the country. That’s why PARCO MEANS corporate Vitality.

White Oil Pipeline

The White Oil Pipeline can be a major strategic significance to the country. The half-a-billion dollar, 817 kilometer, 26 inch diameter devoted refined product pipeline will make the transport of up to 12 million tons refined petroleum products to up-country destinations even more efficient, value efficient and environmentally friendly. The Pak-Arab Pipeline Firm, with a 51% fairness holding by PARCO, is anticipated to commission this venture in hydrogenation reactor October 2004. The remaining forty nine% equity is shared by Shell (26%), PSO (12%) and Caltex (eleven%). PARCO will contribute its unique first hand pipeline operations and administration experience to assist make the enterprise successful. PARCO also MEANS refined Vitality.

Refinery and Infrastructure

The Refinery is situated at Mahmood Kot, which is within the Muzaffargarh District of Pakistan. The city of Multan, solely sixty five km, from the Refinery is well related with a national communications network of rail, road and air. The closest rail link is thru Mahmood Kot which is about five kilometers from the Refinery.

Inside a 30 km radius of the refinery, there are two thermal power complexes at Kot Addu and Muzaffargarh having a capability of 1,500 and 1,300 MW respectively, whereas a 762 MW AES Fuel oil primarily based thermal power advanced at Lalpir is barely 5 kilometers from the Refinery. The River Indus is round 10-15 kilometer on the South West aspect of the Refinery, while the River Chenab is 35 kilometers on the North East side of the Refinery.

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