Shoreline Cleanup Over After Oil Leak At Come By Likelihood

North Atlantic Refining mentioned Friday that a shoreline cleanup near Come By Chance has been accomplished, practically three weeks after a leak from the refinery there.

The company estimated that 10 barrels of oil leaked from its dock in Newfoundland’s Placentia Bay on Jan. Four.

Since then, the Eastern Canada Response Company (ECRC) has been cleansing up beaches around Bordeaux, an area about six kilometres south of Come By Likelihood.

NARL communications supervisor Gloria Slade-Warren mentioned 9 seabirds have been found dead in the area, but most of the birds weren’t oiled.

She said the dovekeys or bullbirds have been probably killed by highly effective winds.

She stated the cleanup team discovered no other evidence of harm to wildlife.

The contaminated seaside area was flushed and the oil removed by absorbent booms.

Delayed Coking Equipment“ECRC will begin demobilization from the positioning this weekend. Follow-up assessments of the influence area shall be finished collaboratively with government in the coming weeks,” North Atlantic stated in a news release Friday.

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