Shell Oil Repairs Depot, National, Phnom Penh Post

KOMPONG SOM-Shell Cambodia formally kicked off a U.S. $5 million oil depot rehabilitation

hydrogenation reactorchallenge in this port city on Might 1. Positioned on the positioning of Cambodia’s now-dilapidated

and unusable oil refinery, oil storage tanks with a capability of 15,000 tons, which

have not been used for more than two a long time, might be restored to working order.

The project is expected to be accomplished in five months.

Speaking on the opening ceremony, Roger Ottenheym, Shell Cambodia’s normal manager

stated, “That is the primary essential step of many extra to comply with.”

Ottenheym famous that Shell was one in all the primary major corporations to establish a

presence in Cambodia, setting up operations right here within the 1920s, and likewise one of many

first to return to the nation after the final two a long time of civil battle. The present

enterprise is 60 p.c owned by Royal Dutch Shell with the remaining forty percent held

by Shell U.K.

“Many people ask me ‘Why start a challenge in a political state of affairs that remains to be

very troublesome?’,” said Ottenheym. “I think it’s part of the responsibility

of bigger companies to start early even when the state of affairs is uncertain.”

“We can solely hope that other firms will follow our example and help develop

Cambodia,” he added.

Half of shell’s U.S. $5 million funding might be used for firefighting and fire

prevention tools at the depot site, including construction of a security wall around

the tanks with monitoring tools that meets worldwide requirements.

The rehabilitation work is being undertaken by Chiyoda Singapore. An engineering

crew of fifty has arrived from the island state and is being supplemented by 50 Cambodians

employed locally.

The refinery/storage complicated is tucked away on the sleepy prime of a bay whose bottom

serves as the foremost port of Sihanoukville, which at present presents a comparatively

vibrant bustling face with containers stacked all over the place.

In distinction, the refinery is a sad, rusting reminder of the devastation wrought on

the country in the last twenty years.

The original refinery, Cambodia’s first, was constructed subsequent to snowy white beaches

in 1968. It worked for some time however was shut down after a Khmer Rouge attack in l972.

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