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semi-tubular reactor

Chevron Lummus Global worked intently with a non-public refiner in China to outline a processing scheme that would upgrade low worth, opportunistic feedstocks …

– Built-in hydrogen managementOct-2014

Redesigning an present hydrogen system leads to an integrated, reliable and flexible supply

– High efficiency zero export steam reformingSep-2016

Growth of a new hydrogen production know-how based mostly on steam methane reforming.

– Elevated steam methane reformer throughputApr-2017

Switching to a foil based catalyst technology raised throughput substantially for a hydrogen producer.

– Simplifying hydrogen productionJun-2017

Catalyst techniques developed for the purification and reforming sections of the hydrogen plant goal significant boundaries to efficient production.

– Optimum tonnage industrial fuel plantsOct-2011

Detailed examination of industrial gas wants is required to develop essentially the most price-efficient industrial gas plant configuration

– Minimising the cost of hydrogen productionApr-2013

Feed and gasoline prices or the demand for export steam drive the selection of plant architecture and operating parameters in SMR hydrogen production

– Optimised hydrogen production by steam reforming: half 2Jul-2013

Rising applied sciences for hydrogen manufacturing from steam reforming are modelled

– Catalysts for cost effective hydrogen productionJul-1999

Processes now used in the new era of hydrogen plants make a wide selection of catalysts necessary so as to fulfill the requirements of particular …

– Steam reformers for hydrogen and synthesis gasJan-2013

Trendy steam methane reformer design is a posh process that must be fastidiously optimised when it comes to capital and working costs

– Catalysts for hydrogen managementMar-2013

Use and optimisation of excessive-efficiency catalysts are an vital software to extend hydrogen supply in a refinery

– Helium provide: scarcity prompts the seek for alternativesNov-2013

Helium is a finite resource and, along with fossil fuels equivalent to coal, petroleum and natural gasoline, reserves of this noble gasoline are noticeably dwindling.

– Revamp choices to increase hydrogen productionApr-2000

Revamping of existing hydrogen plants to increase capability is offered as a lovely possibility in many situations

– Hydrogen: progressive enterprise solutionsOct-2000

A scientific strategy to the issues that follow from the rising demand for hydrogen in the search for clear, low sulphur fuels

– Value efficient revamps in hydrogen plantsJul-2001

Revamping of present tools is often seen as the most cost effective and most value effective answer, but this calls for an intensive information of the plant, its …

– Improving hydrogen plant performance: Part IJul-2002

A reliable and value efficient asset administration technique can enhance hydrogen plant all through as well as optimise operating situations and power eff …

– Hydrogen – the key refinery enablerAug-2012

In the twenty first century, the term “scraping the underside of the barrelhas turn out to be quite literal to the refining business and hydrogen comes to the fore …

Most Current

– Revamping FCC emissions management Oct-2011

An improve of FCC unit emissions reduction at a Tulsa refinery relied on computational modelling to develop optimal stream control systems

– Optimising hydrogen manufacturing and useJul-2011

Information of hydrogen producing and consuming process technologies, programs analyses and process controls may be leveraged to optimise hydrogen use

– Hydrogen management in a GHG-constrained refineryMar-2011

Lately the US Environmental Safety Agency announced that it might regulate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from power plants and oil refineries beginning …

– Energy administration: elevating profitability, decreasing CO2 emissions Oct-2010

Case research present how decrease vitality demand by way of revamps and improved upkeep can save money and abate CO2 emissions in refinery operations

– Further hydrogen production by heat change steam reformingOct-2010

Applying the heat exchanger principle in hydrogen manufacture can significantly cut back the consumption of hydrocarbon feedstock

– Revamping hydrogen and sulphur plants to fulfill future challengesOct-2009

Revamp alternatives for hydrogen and sulphur plant operations in the period of clean fuels manufacturing provide significant advantages for refiners

– Surviving the worldwide economic and legislative tsunamisJul-2009

Modifications and challenges are sweeping the refining industry into a brand new era. Main processing units will remain important, but their roles will change …

– Enhancing vitality efficiency Apr-2009

Major opportunities for power effectivity and reduction of GHG emissions inside a refinery/petrochemical advanced are identified. Work course of methodology …

– Medium-sized hydrogen plants based mostly on convection reformingFeb-2009

Topsoe gives purchasers flexible and tailor-made solutions for hydrogen production by integrating catalyst and expertise. The integrated method ensures …

– Hydrogen technology for modern refineriesJan-2009

With growing demand for diesel, extra stringent product specs for cleaner fuels, reduced gas oil demand and the economic benefits in processing …

– Gasification/IGCC to enhance refinery operationsApr-2008

Gasification and IGCC in refineries is discussed in gentle of increased attention to CO2 emissions and environmental performance.

– Securing gasoline supply and decreasing GHG emissionsApr-2008

Six strategic choices are available to refiners to fulfill future energy and environmental requirements in the light of surging oil prices and public concerns …

– Elimination of refinery sour gases and hint elements Jul-2007

Case study concerning elimination of sour gases and hint parts from gasification gases. The target is to supply pure hydrogen for hydrotreating …

– Hydrogen from refinery offgasApr-2007

Utilisation of refinery offgases for hydrogen manufacturing. Three basic schemes of ROG integration into a steam reformer plant were investigated. These schemes …

– Assembly the challenges of increased hydrogen demandFeb-2006

With ever more stringent regulations for transport fuels, refiners increasingly must invest in further hydroprocessing capacity.

– Hydrogen managementJan-2006

A number of prospects exist for the restoration of hydrogen from offgases and the processing of different sources of refinery gases via the hydrogen plant. …

– Octanizing reformer choices Jan-2006

Staged funding and reformer know-how enchancment methods can be found for increasing hydrogen production, cycle time and reliability

– Increasing hydrogen productionJan-2005

The associated fee effectiveness of accelerating refinery hydrogen capability with compact convection reforming-based plants. Depending on available feedstocks, present …

– Enhancing hydrogen plant efficiency: Part IIOct-2002

Optimisation of working conditions requires an in-depth study of the hydrogen plant, say the authors. They consider the optimisation of catalyst and …

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