Pasadena Refining System Inc

Pasadena Refining System Inc. (PRSI)
111 Pink Bluff Street
Pasadena, Texas 77506

General Information

Pasadena Refining System, Inc. (PRSI) is an impartial refiner and marketer of petroleum products, including petrochemical feedstocks with a crude oil capacity of just over 106,000 barrels per day. The power produces diesel, gasoline and gas oil. The refinery is situated on 468 acres of land alongside the Houston Ship Channel, and consists of the Purple Bluff Tank Farm and West Plant, which was the location of the Pasadena Paper Mill.

Terminals – Logistics Amenities

The refinery is located in an oil and petrochemical industrial complex that’s subsequent to the main oil pipelines in the United States, which provide both the East Coast and the Central Region of the country. This privileged location also facilitates the receipt of oil produced in the Midwest of the United States by way of pipelines and rail, as well as entry to imported oil by means of maritime terminals.

Transient History

PRSI’s roots prolong again to the early days of southeast Texas exploration and refining by Crown Central. The initial plant was one of many very first petroleum refineries built on the Houston Ship Channel. The ability has been modernized over the years with the addition of recent process models, as well as safety and environmental controls.

The refinery grew to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Astra Holding USA in January 2005, when PRSI acquired Crown’s refinery. In September 2006, Astra offered half interest to Petrobras America Inc. and in December of 2008, Petrobras took full ownership.

Since Petrobras took control of the refinery, the company completed several projects to reduce emissions and improve security, together with flare emission controls, boiler and furnace combustion methods, a benzene stripper, a new hearth truck and a brand new medical facility.

In early 2014, a brand new firewater system in the Red Bluff Tank Farm and a brand new firewater deluge system had been put in.

Technical Traits

Alky I and II
Crude Unit
Distillate Hydrotreater
Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU)
Mild Oil
Liquefied Petroleum Fuel Restoration (LPG)
Plant Utilities (Steam, Air and Water)
Reformate Splitter
Sour Water Unit (Within the Crude Unit)
Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU)
S-Zorb (Gasoline Desulfurization)

Predominant Products

Fuel Gas
Gasoline Parts
Finished Gasoline
Heating Oil
Fuel Oil


The refinery’s strategic location on the Houston Ship Channel facilitates oil arrival and derivatives movements via other modes of transportation.

Financial Impact

PRSI is a significant employer in the area, providing 500 full-time and contractor positions. The refinery additionally purchases tens of millions of dollars of goods and companies every year from area companies.

Group Involvement, Awards, Social Responsibility

Pasadena Refining is involved with the native chamber of commerce and other group-industry partnerships, as well as the local emergency planning committee.

The refinery has a regular program of social accountability, specializing in helping a few of the much less lucky youngsters in the community in addition to holding a daily blood drive, in addition to other programs. They’ve additionally won awards for safety.

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