One hundred% Pure Petroleum Jelly Assessment

I purchased the Vaseline Baby for my daughteragree ?
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– I don’t use it on her face as I like to make use of another natural child cream for thatagree ?
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100% Pure Petroleum Jelly??? I know, I know! This product has a nasty fame within the skincare area. I truly understand the logic and why it is taken into account bad for the skin. I was additionally on the same bandwagon making an attempt to shun anything with petroleum products.

Recently, I have been researching so much on skincare ingredients and have lastly come to the conclusion that Petroleum Jelly if pure and uncontaminated is definitely harmless to the pores and skin. It is also confirmed to be non-comedogenic.

Well, I’ve oily skin so I never use Vaseline on my face however it’s great to use on palms and ft. I purchased the Vaseline Baby for my daughter. Coal Her pores and skin tends to be on the drier side especially her legs and all of the child lotions that I’ve tried aren’t moisturizing enough.

I purchased the big tub of Vaseline Child, 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly that has

Refinery Equipment13oz/368g. As we all know Vaseline is cheap. The big tub cost me solely S$6.90.

The components checklist on the Vaseline Baby and the unique Formulation are both the same except that the Vaseline Child has fragrance in it and warns not for use involved with the eyes.

On the tub Vaseline claims the product to be a skin protectant that’s Hypoallergenic.

It also claims to assist treat and stop diaper rash, protects chafed pores and skin attributable to diaper rash and helps seal out wetness. In line with the instructions Vaseline suggests to cleanse the diaper space and allow it to dry. Apply the product liberally as typically as mandatory with every diaper changes and particularly at bedtime or anytime when publicity to wet diapers may be prolonged.

I never thought of Vaseline as poisonous and was surprised to see a warning to keep it out of reach of kids and to …

My daughter had a foul response to mineral oil when she was a number of months previous and I used to be a bit apprehensive as to how her skin would possibly react to the Vaseline. She is now 2 years old and I’ve averted anything with mineral oil on her. To my relief she had no dangerous reactions to the Vaseline Baby.

The Vaseline Baby has a silky clean texture and looks the same as the unique Vaseline. Its Baby Fragrance is lovely. It smells similar to infants with that floral powdery scent. I exploit it throughout her body excluding the face proper after her bath. I don’t use it on her face as I like to make use of another herbal child cream for that.

Ever since I began using the Vaseline Baby on my daughter I have seen noticeable

I have tried this on my face to remove my waterproof eye make-up and it does a pretty good job at removing each trace of mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner without any irritation however I’m planning to get the original Vaseline for that objective as the Vaseline Child warns in opposition to utilizing it near the eyes. I am guessing the warning is because of the Fragrance in it.