Chevron Cited For Oil Spill In Salt Lake Metropolis

State regulators have cited Chevron Corp. for a pipeline leak that spilled crude oil into a Salt Lake Metropolis creek.

The leak last month despatched an estimated 33,000 gallons of oil into Crimson Butte Creek. Much of the oil pooled into a pond at the city’s Liberty Park, and regulators say oil traveled downstream into the Jordan River.

The Utah Water Quality Board issued citations to Chevron on Tuesday for unauthorized launch of a pollutant, releasing an “offensive” waste and violating water quality requirements.

Regulators are waiting on Chevron’s response earlier than deciding whether to levy any fines that could start at $10,000 a day for as lengthy as the waterways have been polluted, stated Walt Baker, director of the Utah Division of Water High quality. Violations can attain $25,000 a day for pollution discharges which can be willful or the result of gross negligence, he mentioned.

Baker planned to meet with Chevron officials Thursday.

Chevron spokesman Dan Johnson mentioned Wednesday that the corporate had no comment on the citations. “We obtained the violations and can examine them,” he said.

It isn’t clear how long oil leaked from the leaking pipeline.

The city’s Fire Division notified Chevron of the leak at about 6 a.m. June 12, but Mayor Ralph Becker has said residents seen the odor of an oil spill the previous night. The pipeline, which delivers crude oil from Rangley, Colo., to Chevron’s Salt Lake City refinery, was leaking residual amounts of oil till the morning of June 13.

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Chevron resumed operation of the pipeline June 21 following a successful stress take a look at of a nearly 14-mile part.

The San Ramon, Calif., company has mentioned it believes the leak was brought on by a brief in a energy line that traveled via a utility fence submit to melt a hole in the pipe’s casing.

At first, crude oil was pouring down Red Butte Creek, but inside days regulators said exams found little chemical traces of oil suspended in water.

“Right now the product is pretty much gone as far as any chemical petroleum ingredient. That’s in our rearview mirror,” Baker said Wednesday. “However the outcomes of the spill are nonetheless with us.”

The spill killed off critters and bugs that lived within the creek and sustained a meals chain, Baker mentioned. That is the idea for one of the violations.

Creek banks might still be soaked with oil in spots, Baker said.

Cleanup crews deliberate to flush Crimson Butte Creek for a second time Thursday to seize any residual oil with absorbent petroleum refinery plant booms. Water will likely be launched from a reservoir east of Salt Lake Metropolis, and officials are warning people to stay away as the creek rises by about a foot for two hours.

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