Chemex Modular To help Nigeria Broaden Refining Capability

Chemex Modular reached terms in principle with its longtime consumer and business companion Niger Delta Petroleum Assets Ltd (NDPR) to expand NDPR’s existing refining capacity from 1,000 bpd to eleven,000 bpd. Along with its present diesel solely (automotive gas oil) production capacity, the expanded refinery will enable NDPR to provide increased diesel capacity, jet gasoline, gasoline, and marine diesel oil.

Chemex Modular designed and fabricated the existing NDPR refinery, commissioned in 2012, and has been utilized at full capability since 2012. NDPR presently operates the one privately-held petroleum refinery in Nigeria.

The brand new items will embrace additional crude distillation models, a naphtha hydrotreater, a naphtha splitter, and a catalytic reforming unit for the production of gasoline. The enlargement will provide numerous further native jobs for skilled operators, technicians, and plant upkeep personnel.

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