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I wish to know the distinction between API 610 6th version Mechanical Seals and Seal Flush Plan and that of API 682 current …
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2000m3 storage tankwhat shall a process engineer teaching in collage do to improve his/her sensible information related to industries? what coaching sources are there?

Does anybody know of a glossary of terminology and formulation used in the chemistry aspect of the coal fired power generation plant facility….

what is the distinction of turbine impellers and propeller agitators?
if reactor stir slurry, what sort of agitator is appropriate to use

If you’re a leader in an engineering workforce, what is the perfect and efficient manner to manage every day duties and deadlines in your opinion?

could you assist me please to realize any information about magnetic gas conditioning system for course of fired heaters?

if the company operates under the BEP point, the plant suffered losses. Is the manufacturing unit must be closed or continued?

Can somebody inform me, whom to aprroach for college coaching in UOP, in chemical engineering?

in cooling tower WS temp.30 and WR temp.40 and a few of water evaporate leaving one other half cold what is science behind this operation if water evaporate at a hundred c.

what vary BEP, pay out time (POT), shut down point (SDP) , Return on invesment (ROI ) for the feasibility of the plant? why BEP, POT,…

the normal arrangement of deminalization ion change models sturdy acid resin followed by robust base resin.what’s the defects if i…

How temperature vary of double pipe exchanger? Can a double pipe exchanger raise temperature from 27 C to 90 C?

what tools can be used to transport merchandise from ball mill?

Does anyone know of sources the place i can do analysis about carbon dioxide. In terms of properties, feasibility studies of the increasing…

Any ideas of modern and the most efficient Liquification course of

How ought to we clean graphite block heat exchanger tube(8mm diax 6m Long), when hydro jet cleansing fails to scrub the tube. can we…

what are the requirements to use the coolant jacket in CSTR reactor? (in addition to the kind exothermic reaction)

What sort of gaskets can be utilized for equipments/ pipins for dealing with the Fuel containing 10-12% HCl, 1-2% HF, steadiness refrigerent gases at…

How may me get the most recent up to date MSI, & CEPCI price index?

what are the concerns in selecting the variety of reactors? (aside from when it comes to the price reactor and reactor quantity)

What’s the vitality efficient mechanical methodology to dissolve excessive viscosity/temp sesetive cellulosic balls into liquid.

if the price of 4 reactor Which I select, 4 reactors or 1 reactor? What concerns in selecting the variety of reactors in addition to the worth?

jacket or coil
does anybody know? What a distinction a jacket and coil?what’s the criteria of the usage of the jacket and the factors for the use of coil?

How can we forestall colour bleeding/leaching at excessive temperature (more than one hundred fifty degree cel ) in cellulosic fibre

What is the perfect methodology to scrub suphur vapours with out reducing gasoline temperature in a steady process.

Can anybody share their experiences on replacement to sealing plate (diaphragm seal) in Ammonia synthesis exchangers?? to Lens gasket…
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Has anybody experience abnormal pressure-drop in hydroprocessing reactors because of phosphorus?

How do the phosphorus containing inhibitors affect the pressure-drop in the hydroprocessing reactors? What’s the link between these…

What is the impact of phosphorus containing corrosion inhibitors on the hydrotreating reactors? Do these compounds decompose underneath high…

Has anybody skilled issues with “breech lock” exchangers kind? In our models after a shutdown, there is lots of troublesome to achieve…

i want to know what’s working safe technique to remove Catalysts kind Vessel

Although all valves in a hydrocracking unit are deemed essetial, can anybody tell me which of them are the most important? Additionally, which pumps…

I am looking for a list of companies that manufacture catalyst used in producing hydrogen. Can you heelp me?

Is Hitachi H-25 Fuel Turbine has capability for Naphtha as gas; If Sure the place such machines are put in in the world

What’s the best way to enhance cycle size of a VGO Hydrotreater?
GROUP: Linked:Power (Energy industry experience)
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Has anybody had experience of a biomass heating undertaking?

What to do
Howdy everybody,
What to do in case when your faced with direct order to modify existing pipe steam trace with electrical heaters in …
GROUP: Oil & Gasoline Processing
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Pump Begin-Up Process
How completely different is pump begin-up process for following circumstances:
1) Single Pump
2) Pumps in sequence operation
3) Pumps in parallel operation
Many thanks for your time and help.

We require Tube Bundle (SYNTHESIS Fuel COMPRESSOR) from Europe/USA Manufacturers Solely.

I wish to ask & share the group members to advise their experience regarding the usage of photo voltaic powered injection skids, for …

is it true that a gasoline scrubber with coalescer filter component has advantage to be extra effi ient 99% (particles and droplets >0.3um) and…

The best way to do Materials Steadiness on Reaction Furnace of Claus Plant ??
I am doing a challenge on sulphur restoration from acid gasoline and foul gasoline in refinery. For this, I’ve selected Claus unit with a TGT unit. I …

Fuel processing plant for refinery gas fuel
We’ll propose idea of gasoline processing plant for refinery gas gasoline produced by two neighboring refineries in Russia. Couple …

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